Useful resources at New

From the need-to-know, to the could-be-useful, we’ve collected a list of resources available to you as a New College student. These are entities you probably come into contact with regularly, and we’re ready to clarify for you exactly what they do.

Unfamiliar with these services? Feel free to consult with a NCSC member if you’re nervous about getting in touch with any of them. We’re here for you!


The Front Desk

Located at 40 Willcocks, on the left when you enter through the sliding doors. The front desk is the reception that deals with handling keys, checking in/out, answer questions, and all procedures dealing with residence.

What they DON’T DO, is sell tickets for events, deal with lockers, clubs, or give you coffee, we have that covered 😛


The Registrar

They are located at 300 Huron St, corner of Willcocks and Huron. They’re your number one resource for anything Acorn related. The Registrar offers academic advising, financial counseling, general information, and can be your guide to wider UofT resources. If you have logistical questions, they’re the people to ask.



The Office of Residence and Student Life (ORSL)

They are located in the Wilson Lounge, 40 WIllcocks. Go up the stairs, turn right, and find the glass doors. They are your main source for residence-related queries, club information, first-year learning communities, leadership certificates and kangaroos 🙂

NCSC works closely with ORSL to host events throughout the year, including orientation!



New College Residence Council (NCRC)

Not to be confused with NCSC (that’s us!), NCRC is a council made up exclusively of residence students, to address the needs of our in-res population. Consisting of 6 executive members, the NCRC also has members from every residence house; they are the House Council. If you’re feeling shy around your new neighbors, head out to find your Don and attend some House Events, it’s a great way to make friends. The New College Residence Council (NCRC)’s main objective is to provide New College Students with the best living experience possible. Talk to your House Council if there’s anything they can do for you, or drop by the NCRC office, located in Wilson lounge, straight across from the stairs.

NCSC also works with NCRC, and we share a residence representative to help communication between the two councils.

They DON’T sell tickets for NCSC events, deal with lockers or club forms, etc.


Commuter Dons

These lovely folks are your go-to for all things commuter. Like a residence don, they are a senior UofT student, well versed on the ins-and-outs of student life. Feel free to ask them questions, get free snacks, or just hang out with them during their commuter hours (held in Wilson lounge) and check out their cool events held throughout the year. Our Commuter Dons are great for connecting students to other campus resources, as well as being an awesome resource themselves.

Don’t forget NCSC also has commuter representatives, here to serve. Contact us!



Writing center

Have an upcoming assignment and don’t know where to start? Written yourself into a corner? Need an editor? The New College writing center is the place for you! Make sure you make your appointment early, especially during the busy season because they get booked up. They also offer drop-in hours, check them out!