FAQs on Grants


When can I start applying for an NCSC Grant?

September 16, 2013.


Where can I pick up an application form for an NCSC Grant?

Either at the NCSC Office, New College Registrar’s office, or online at www.ncsc.ca/grants.


Who is eligible to apply for an NCSC Grant?

Individuals or clubs/groups from New College or UofT.


Can I request an amount over $600?

Grants may only be awarded up to $600.


I am a NCSC recognized club. Is the $600 grant included with our club funding?

Each NCSC recognized club automatically receives $800 in club funding. If you apply for an NCSC Grant, that is an additional $600 given to your club.


Is the $600 guaranteed?

No, it is not. We justify the amount given to you based on your application form and reasoning behind your request – Ex. if the grant will benefit New College/Uoft students or not. You may receive less than $600.


Can I apply for a fall and winter grant?



Are the grants only awarded on a reimbursement basis?



FAQs on Scholarships 


How many scholarships in total does NCSC fund?

We provide quiet a few, including 6 in-course scholarships, 5 grants/bursaries, the Audrey Taylor Award, and the FEW Wetmore Award. Some of our funding also goes toward New College admission scholarships, which you can find more info through the Registrar’s Office.


How can I apply for these scholarships?

Through the Registrar’s Office. They distribute the application forms at their office.


What other scholarships does the Registrar’s Office provide?

Many others! Examples include the Centennial Award, the Katherine Grace Baker Memorial Award, the NCSC Leadership Award, the Stephanie Leung Memorial Award, the Betty Yeoman and Ann Yeoman Memorial Awards for Residence Life, as well as various New College Council In-Course Scholarships. Information on these awards can be found at the Registrar’s Office.