Welcome back!

Whether you’ve been gone a while and want to reconnect, or you’re still involved with our community, NCSC is happy to help. We are currently working on building our online catalog of NCSC members throughout the years.

Thanks to Johanna Schaeffer, the Education Director in 1996, who lent us a composite photo we were missing, we now have every composite photo from 1991-2013, and will have many more to come. If you have any composites from before 1991, please email vpadmin@ncsc.ca and we will expand our collection!

If you are an Alumnus who owns a business that may be of interest to students, then please get in touch! We do a great deal of purchasing each year for council and orientation, and would appreciate the opportunity to include alumni businesses in our quote process. Contact vpadmin@ncsc.ca or orientation@ncsc.ca as appropriate.

You may also want to check out the New College website Alumni & Friends page for more resources.

Finally, if you’d just like to drop by the office for a chat and coffee, or check out our new student space, please do.